The experts showed how to hack accounts in WhatsApp and Telegram [video]

The developers of instant messengers can best protect users of its services, by encrypting the correspondence, however, they remain quite vulnerable at the level of cellular networks. A breach in the security of telecommunication connections showed hackers who have proven that they can read the correspondence of users of Telegram and WhatsApp knowing only their phone number.

Hacker Thomas Fox-Brewster released two videos, which shows one method of hacking accounts in two popular instant messengers. Have cracker no claims to the creators of the messengers — their encryption was not affected.

The process of establishing voice calls and send SMS is still based on SS7 technology, which is rooted in the 70-ies of the last century. When thorough knowledge of the functions of SS7 and correct certain features are in use, hackers can monitor the location of the subscriber in any part of the world, listen to calls online and receive messages. And all of these illegal transactions can be performed transparently to the operator.

Thanks to security flaws in the SS7 attacker can log in as another user and get the security code WhatsApp or Telegram, redirecting the call from the service to your own phone.

The risk of hacking mobile messenger exists because operators do not take adequate measures to protect against attacks of this kind.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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