The failure of Apple from your own car turned out to be nothing more than a rumor

Amid reports about the cessation of work on your own car Apple continues to strengthen ties with Magna Steyr, according to Auto Vesti. But it is considered the main candidate for the role of the manufacturer of iCar.

Specialists of the Austrian-canadian group Magna Steyr had to assist in the development and production of a number of major international car brands – Jaguar and Mini to Mercedes-Benz and Tesla. Now, according to rumors, one of the production sites of the company preparing to start production of the car Apple, as engineers Magna Steyr regularly in Cupertino.

Bloomberg claims that the Titan project, which is developed by Apple vehicle, attended at least ten engineers Magna Steyr, and the company is considered an integral part of the project. It is possible that Magna Steyr will take over the development of car design, while Apple will create the necessary software and systems Autonomous control.

“It’s an expensive process. Developing a vehicle from scratch usually costs several billion dollars, therefore, the experience of Magna, one of the oldest manufacturers, it may be on the arm of it company,” I believe the reviewers of the publication.

Earlier it was reported that the management of project Titan reportedly decided to abandon independent development of the vehicle, reorienting the project to work on modern technologies and software solutions. Now, according to Bloomberg, Apple has not abandoned the creation of the car, and just delegated some responsibilities to work with the hardware to its partners.


Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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