The find my car in the Parking lot with the help of iOS 10 will not all

In the new operating system iOS 10 Apple has significantly improved the integration of applications and made the widgets more useful (finally they someone started to use it). One of the new features is carried out by using the standard Maps app” — the iPhone stores the location of the vehicle when Parking, and then the owner can easily find my car, which is especially important in Metropolitan areas with kilometer shopping centers. Comfortable? Yes. But not for all.

The function “Show Parking lot” can be enabled in the device settings, under “Maps”. However, many here will be disappointed: to determine the location of the car iPhone must be connected to either a Bluetooth or CarPlay stereo in the car.

Despite the fact that the screenshot above says “Connecting to Bluetooth and the stereo system CarPlay is sure that is enough to fulfill one of these conditions. In place of “and” should be “or”, it is a bug of Russian localization.

In other words, to find Parking even a three year old Nissan, you can not until you install a new stereo system with support for CarPlay. Or not install the Bluetooth module in the car. This restriction strongly reduces the number of potential users of new features in iOS 10.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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