The first issue of Macworld magazine autographed by Steve jobs is estimated at 666 thousand rubles

At the auction, RR Auction will be exhibited the first issue of Macworld that Steve jobs signed in 2006. In addition to the magazine, the auction want to sell the card for jobs over $ 500 (33 000 rubles).

The first issue of Macworld magazine was released in 1984. But besides that instance, more than 30 years, is also one of the few artifacts with an autograph of Steve jobs. This gives the magazine more valuable because jobs rarely gave autographs. At auction it was estimated at 10 thousand dollars (666 thousand).

On the cover is written “Matt: Steve jobs”. As a confirmation of the originality of the autograph, it was found a video in which jobs are asked to sign the artwork. At first he refuses, but then agrees. The person who asked for the autograph was presented by Matt.

The founder of Macworld told an interesting story related to the first issue of the magazine. As the room was dedicated to the release of Macintosh, the editors called jobs to make a photograph on the cover. Initially jobs was against it, but then agreed. But since he didn’t have time for a photo shoot, the Macworld staff has prepared a stand, as jobs had only to stand in the right spot to quickly take a photo.

When jobs showed the picture, he wanted to redo it because he did not like the programs that were running on the computers. The founder of Macworld said it was impossible, because the issue went to print. Though actually all can be corrected.

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