The first owners of iMac Pro already boast a novelty in Instagram

In Instagram and YouTube photos and videos from iMac Pro. Apparently, the first buyers have already receive their computers in exactly under the New year.

The first owners of iMac Pro already boast a novelty in Instagram

In social networks zasvetilas the device itself, the box from him and accessories in the color Space Grey.

Initially, Apple had planned to begin shipping new computers with 27 Dec. However, there were the lucky ones who received Pro iMac before the deadline. While other users of the delivery date shifted closer to the end of the month. This means that not everyone who ordered will get it as well soon. Those who ordered advanced configuration with 12 or 18 cores and more memory will have to wait until February 2018.

iMac Pro is the first to feature the Apple-designed especially for professionals. It is the most powerful computer Corporation. His accessories included: powerful process Intel Xeon with 8, 10, 12, or 18 cores, up to 128 GB of RAM, hard drive SSD with capacity up to 4 TB and Radeon Vega a new generation. The base model iMac Pro will cost potential buyers in 379 990 rubles.

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