The flagship Huawei Mate 9 dual camera Leica lost the quality of shooting iPhone 7 [video]

The question is, which smartphone is a better camera, have long since ceased to be idle. The answer is “all shoot about the same” will not do, for example. This option is one of the most important when choosing a new phone ā€“ especially for the flagship, carrying on Board the latest industry developments. For some users question the quality of the shot can be decisive when choosing a smartphone.

This year, Apple seriously reworked the main camera of their gadgets. iPhone 7 got a 12-megapixel rear module with an extended colour range and a new 6-cell faster lens (aperture of f/1.8) and a first for a compact model optical stabilization system. iPhone 7 Plus in addition to these innovations is different to the dual system of cameras: 12-megapixel wide angle and in the same 12-megapixel sensor with a longer lens, thereby providing an optical zoom and a mode of portraiture. Front camera iPhone 7 has a resolution of 7 megapixels.

The new flagship smartphone Huawei Mate 9 cost from $780 to $1550 is equipped with dual camera, co-developed with Leica. One module ā€” RGB, a resolution of 12 megapixels, the second ā€” monochrome with the resolution of 20 megapixels. Both lens have an aperture of F/2,2. To improve the quality of images contributes to the optical stabilizer technology and binning.

Resource Techmagnet decided to do a comparison test of cameras iPhone Huawei Mate 7 and 9. Despite the presence of dual cameras Android-the product is inferior in quality to shooting the opponent. iPhone 7 provides greater resolution and dynamic range including low light conditions. The “Apple” of the camera works better image stabilization. A top-end smartphone Apple has conceded to the competitor only at the quality of the recording front-facing camera.

To view a comparison of features cameras iPhone Huawei Mate 7 and 9 at the video:

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