The former CEO of Nokia will lead Apple in India

The Corporation has put Ashish Choudhary at the head of the Indian branch of the Apple as part of a major reorganization of the branch. It first reported a news channel IANS.

Choudhary will join the Apple team in India in January 2019. The evening of November 13, the Nokia representatives have confirmed that a top Manager leaves the firm:

“Choudhary will continue to lead operations with customers and be a team member of Nokia Group until the end of 2018. Then he will leave Nokia to take a leadership position in another Corporation.”

The last 15 years, Choudhary was the Director for work with clients in Nokia Networks, a subsidiary of Nokia. Probably Apple chose Choudhary because of his knowledge of the local smartphone industry and technologies in India.

The hiring of Ashish Choudhary is a step towards the restoration of the Indian office: in July, it was reported that the Corporation has lost three key executives of the branch, namely Director of national sales and distribution, head of commercial channels and medium-sized businesses, as well as the head of Department on work with the telecommunication operators.

The reason large-scale layoffs is in the iPhone sales in India: they significantly decreased as the price of Apple technology is very high because of customs duties. Despite this, Tim cook remains optimistic about the future of the Corporation in India, because the company “had a really productive discussions with the Indian government” about the possibility of opening retail stores in the country.

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