The former lead engineer on Apple refused to take a job at the Apple Store

A former senior Apple engineer John Steinberg who worked at the post for 21 years, tried to find a job in one of the Apple Store, but the place never got. Specialist “fruit” company was refused a job because of age.

54-year-old Steinberg retired in 2008. Considering that his experience will be useful to clients of the company, he tried to get the seller in the Apple Store. For this he went to a group interview, where, together with several dozen more candidates applied for the position of the employee Genius Bar Department stores for consultations and support of users.

John Sheinberg were approximately two times older than other applicants, however, passed the interview with representatives of the personnel Department. All three of the interviewer promised to contact him later, but in the future he had not received any news.

Sheinberg believes that, faced with age discrimination, since Apple is trying to take a job at the Apple Store only to young employees. This, in turn, is linked to the policy of the company, which broadcasts its desire not to draw attention to gender, race, and age of potential employees.

John Coleman, Sheinberg became famous during his work in Apple convinced Steve jobs to switch from PowerPC processors to Intel MacBooks. He for several years ran a secret corporate project Marklar, designed to explore the advantages and disadvantages of working MacOS on Intel architecture, after which the management of the company took the decision to abandon PowerPC.

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