The function “Find my iPhone” can expect major changes

The function “Find my iPhone” that allows you to locate your lost device, have saved thousands of owners from unexpected costs of purchasing replacement. Known cases when with the help of the special services managed to find even the victims or learn about the accident. The only drawback of this function remained directly dependent on the Network connection and, of course, the level of charge. The good news, however, is that Apple knows how to fix it.

A patent depicting the ways to detect the device, regardless of its activity, was found on the website of the Office for patents and trademarks of the United States. The document describes a kind of technology that allows the device to maintain a certain percentage of charge required for short term connection with the company’s servers to transmit information about their deployment.

For this device, you don’t need a connection nor a Network, nor, judging by the information with the public navigation systems. The device will automatically schedule the frequency of inclusion depending on time of deactivation is implemented through a software timer. To pass information about the location of the smartphone, tablet and even laptop can. It is not excluded, however, that appeals to the company’s servers will be initiated from the outside.

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