The head of “Beeline” is wanted on charges of corruption

Law enforcement September 5 was declared wanted Mikhail Slobodin, holding the position of head operator “Beeline”. Slobodina wanted in connection with the so-called case “Renova”. Legal status slobodina unclear. The Investigative Committee called figuratum criminal case, “Interfax” citing a source in law enforcement bodies writes that he is really suspect.

Now security forces are trying to establish where Slobodin. He said the Agency Bloomberg, that is abroad, but did not say where. In the media believe that Slobodin resides in London. The businessman said that he knew nothing about the investigation conducted by Russian law enforcement agencies.

“We do business in the Komi Republic, we will find out what we are accused. Answer all questions,” said Slobodin.

According to the publication, investigators interested in the activities of slobodina, who worked in the late 1990s in the Siberian-Urals aluminum company, which controls the “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg, President of SKOLKOVO Foundation. From 2000 to 2001 he was Director of regional development Department, “Renova” and from December 2002 to 2010 led the company T Plus” structure “Renova” owns controlling stakes in major energy companies.

The head of “Beeline” Mikhail Slobodin and analyst Eldar Murtazin

On 5 September on charges of bribery were searched in the offices of “T Plus”, and also arrested was the head of the company Boris Vajnziher and managing Director of “Renova” Yevhen olkhovyk. According to Markin, the consequence will petition for their conclusion under guards.

According to the investigation, from 2007 to 2014, “unidentified persons” in the interests of KES bribed the leadership of the Republic of Komi for the installation of “most favorable” for the company tariffs for electricity and heat, as well as other benefits. Took bribes higher officials of the region, which also are defendants in the case of a criminal ex-head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer.

In addition, the recipients of bribes in the leadership of the Republic through the offshore company has received from the ECC (now the “T-Plus”) share of 38% of OAO “Komi energy retail company”, according to investigators. This transaction SC is estimated at an amount not less than 100 million rubles.

Holding Renova group, controlled by businessman Viktor Vekselberg. The company owns stake in TNK-BP, “AKADO”, “RUSAL” and other large industrial companies.

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