The head of Crimea asked the operators to abolish roaming charges until the end of the year

Mobile operators need to cancel roaming charges for guests of the Crimea and inhabitants of the Peninsula, departing to the regions of Russia. Sergey Aksenov promised to complain to Vladimir Putin, if they don’t stop “rip off” people.

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov demanded that all Russian mobile operators until the end of the year to abolish roaming in Crimea. He stated this at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Republic, addressing to the Minister of internal policy, information and communications Dmitry Polonsky, reports TASS.

“By Friday [prepare] a road map to solve the problem this year,” said Feldman, explaining that if it cannot be resolved at the regional level, it will appeal to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The head of the Republic stressed that mobile operators in the Crimea “ripped off” residents and guests of the Peninsula. “Today, we are the subject of the Russian Federation, we are not calling from the territory of Ukraine. What Moscow may be roaming, I can’t understand? We go to Moscow, recite as much as if he had been in Switzerland”, ā€” said the politician.

In turn, Polonsky suggested that the major Russian operators do not work in the Crimea because of fear of sanctions.

“They are afraid of sanctions, hence technical roaming, it’s all due to fears of large operators, they refuse to go to the Crimea”, ā€” he explained.

Aksenov added that anyone, including operators, are not allowed to assume the Crimea is abroad. “Plan of action ā€” bringing to normal standards, so with the money Crimeans did not fight”, he concluded.

Currently in Crimea there are four mobile operator: WinMobile, “Krymtelekom”, “Sevtelecom” and “Wave mobile”. Representatives of the “big three” (MTS, “Megaphone”, “VympelCom”) has repeatedly stated that to work in the Crimea do not plan to. The reason for this decision called economic irrationality.

According to sources working in the Republic, OOO “K-Telecom” (Win Mobile TM) is affiliated with MTS company. He inherited frequency, which formerly belonged to the “MTS-Ukraine”. But representatives of the “Mobile TeleSystems” deny it.

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