The Home button will soon be saying “goodbye”?

What could be the iPhone without a physical Home button? This question has already been answered hundreds of designers, but none of their prototypes eventually saw the light. As shown by the example of the Apple Watch, Cupertino is your vision for each new product. And, it seems, before the Home button engineers shortly still get.

A new Apple patent describes a touch OLED-display with advanced features like tools for protection against electrostatic discharge sensor and special infrared. But most interestingly, this display will have the fingerprint of the input — in other words, he will be able to scan fingerprints of a user.

Now Touch ID is one of the main reasons that Apple removes the Home button from the iPhone. Yes, it’s also a convenient way to get to the home screen, and also enter the device in DFU, but we can do it other ways. In the end, other manufacturers have managed to create convenient navigation, relying solely on the touch of a button.

Of course, the Apple display will be radically different from others no wonder the company got a patent on this technology. By the way, the patent itself is not new, but has been classified and published on the website of USPTO recently. Is Apple ripe for such a bold move in the iPhone 7?

It is also possible that this is just another patent “Apple” giant, if you see light, it will only do it in five years.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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