The inhabitant of Kuzbas has sent a robot to catch pokemon instead of herself [video]

Novokuznetsk businessman Ivan Noskov was taught to build a robot for him pokemon in the game Pokemon Go. The machine bypasses the neighborhood in search of virtual monsters, and she catches them.

“It’s not very effective: “Promobot” still learning to aim, so spending too much play equipment ā€” pokebola. However, the owner still happy with my idea,” ā€” said the developers.

As Socks said, his company began as a dealer service robots, but recently he decided to expand the field of activity and to try yourself in the role of developer.

“We have launched the emulator of the Android operating system right on the Promobot. And decided to run a Pokemon Go. The robot quickly got accustomed to and learned to play himself, in the automatic mode. Now we ship it to catch pokemon at the Mall. I wonder what will come of this,” explained the Socks.

In the words of co-founder “Promobot” Alexei Yuzhakova, the robot was originally conceived as a helper it is not surprising that the developers came up with to pass on to his routine tasks.

In autumn the company plans to release a third version of Promabasa, and it will be even more opportunities for personal settings. “So that owners and dealers will be able to train the robots at least catching pokemon, though the philosophy of Kant,” said Yuzhakov.

Recall, the games uses the principle of augmented reality: gamers looking for a pokemon not in a fictional virtual world and real. Creatures can be hidden anywhere: in the street, in a Park, in the Parking lot, the store or cafe.

Promobot ā€” fully Russian development. The robot is designed to operate in areas of high congestion of people, in which he helps people with navigation, answers questions, translates promotional materials and stores everyone with whom had to communicate.

In June 2016, “Promobot IR77, I drove several metres from the test site and famous throughout the world. The escape attempt did not end very well. A robot had rolled on the roadway in the street Pushkin in Perm, where his battery died. There he stood for about half an hour, gathered tube, and attracted the police.

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