The iOS release 10.1 is scheduled for October 25

iOS 10.1 is one of the most anticipated releases among iPhone users. The fact that this update will bring new features dual camera iPhone 7 Plus, namely the portrait mode, allowing you to create bokeh as SLR cameras.

After the release of iPhone 7 Plus will become the first smartphone on the market, able to create a bokeh effect. Sophisticated technology with a system of machine learning is to separate the background from the foreground. This will allow you to take amazing portraits that were previously available only to users of professional cameras.

According to a source from Japan, the release of the final version of iOS 10.1 is scheduled for October 25. It is known that this will be maintenance work in the payment services of Japanese operator DoCoMo and the system of transit cards Suica railway company JR East. Both services should be supported in Apple Pay along with iOS 10.1, so chances are good that the technical work involve the release of a public version of the update.

It is interesting that Apple specifically for Japan equipped with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus a special controller FeliCa Type F NFC. This will allow customers living in a suburban area, pay using machines use of high-speed rail. Last week, CEO Tim cook became the first user to use iPhone 7 for the passage of Japanese public transport.

In addition to portrait shooting mode the iOS 10.1 will get the updates of the messenger iMessage is the ability to repeat the effect sent a new button “Repeat” and new design of scrolling panel for applications – as well as the acceleration interface of the iPhone and iPad due to the updated animation.

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Clifton Nichols

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