the iPhone 7 has not left any chances to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the test performance in real conditions

Resource PhoneBuff has taken the two current flagship smartphone, iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It is not used synthetic tests and is not intended to compare the specifications of the smartphones. Most importantly for the average user — how does the camera in the real world.

In the experiment on smartphones alternately ran the same set of software, ranging from built-in “Settings” and “Camera” to third-party game projects. To evaluate the effectiveness of work in the background enthusiasts of all application opened twice in a circle. To estimate the time of work on every smartphone was launched a stopwatch which recorded the total time spent by vehicles on the execution of a set of identical tasks.

The first few seconds of noticeably, the iPhone 7 for a moment behind the competitor. However, as soon as it comes to games, the smartphone from Apple instantly pulled forward.

Lag Galaxy Note 7 increases dramatically when you try to create a video in Photoshop. iPhone 7 seconds coped with the renderer and passed to the next application, then as a competitor thought for a long time. Apple has already gone to the second round (runs from RAM) when the Galaxy Note 7 has just completed the installation video.

In the end, when the Apple smartphone fully tested, the South Korean flagship just finished the first round (!). This is despite the fact that the Samsung gadget comes with 4 GB of RAM vs 2 GB on the iPhone 6s.

The results of the experiment, the iPhone 7 has passed the first round in 1 minute 40 seconds and completed the test in 1 minute 40 seconds. Galaxy Note 7 showed the result of 2 minutes, 2 seconds on the first lap and 3 minutes, 14 seconds on the second.

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