The iPhone 7 Plus complained of a swollen battery [photos]

A few days ago it became known about the first case of an exploding battery iPhone 7 in China, a little later, the user from USA posted a photo exploded in the packaging of the iPhone 7 Plus. It is unknown what leads to fire gadgets. However, reasons for concern, as it’s not like a global problem, as is the case with phablets Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

This time, the media reported about another incident the iPhone 7. The smartphone itself is not lit up – swollen battery, which is quite unusual for Apple gadgets. On published photos can be seen that the deformation element nutrition has led to structural damage to the gadget: the display of the iPhone 7 Plus withdrew from the case.

The reasons for the swelling of the battery set, here the most common ones:

  • low quality battery;
  • the failure of the charge controller of the smartphone;
  • atypical or faulty adapter;
  • mechanical damage to the battery;
  • overheating smartphone from external factor (lying in the sun or battery);
  • damage due to severe hypothermia smartphone.

What happened in this case? Significantly is unknown, but users in the Network suggest that the iPhone 7 Plus was damaged during shipping. Apple plans to study the problem smartphone and publish a explanation of the situation.

As noted above, such incidents do happen from time to time with your iPhone, but do not wear a mass character, as in the case with the Galaxy Note 7. As you know, Samsung had to recall the entire batch of smartphones, which had a tendency to explode during charging.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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