The iPhone era is over in five years?

It’s no secret that technology is constantly evolving, and replaced one of the other devices come. But there are few who dare to put forward the time frame in this matter. However, a top Manager of Huawei did anyway, saying that the era of iPhone will end in 2020. But does he have enough grounds for it?

According to the head of marketing division of the company Shao Yang, in the industry of mobile phones can be traced a certain cycle of 12 years, writes ZDNet. The era of mobile phones, he believes, began in 1995 after the release of the device from Motorola, and in 2007 the industry turned over iPhone is the era of smartphones.

What’s coming next, you ask? Young named new era “superphone”, and it will begin in 2019-2020.

Inspired by biological evolution, mobile phones, as we call them today, will be included in the user’s life as SUPERFONE.

It’s unclear how the smartphone market can change so that it will change its name and become something more. Perhaps a top Manager of Huawei knows more than we do — yet his company will increase its share in the world exponentially, threatening Apple and Samsung.

Yang himself is a supporter of the “Internet of things” and combining devices in one gadget. But now smartphone combines the clock function, music player, address book and much more. What will be new stage, no one knows.

And the fact that the iPhone era will end in the next few years is unlikely. Apple increases smartphone sales every quarter, and about glut of the market, it does not even goes. What can be said about the iPad.

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