The iPod maker told why he left Apple15 review

Contrary to popular belief, the iPod is not an invention and exclusive merit of Steve jobs. On the creation of the most revolutionary player in history was a whole team of specialists under the strict guidance of Tony Fadell, who was forced to leave the company for mysterious reasons. Details of his dismissal he told the Guardian.

The fadell was a key figure in the creation of the iPod, while in the position of senior Director of the Department for the development and production of “Apple” player. His wife Danielle Lambert also worked at Apple, but worked in the company personnel matters.

According to numerous information, Chet Federov was forced to leave the company repeatedly occurred due to dispute and conflict between Tony and Steve jobs. Here is what the author of the book about Jonathan Ive, Leander Kani:

“When Tony was dismissed, he received a few million compensation. And fired him because of constant squabbling [YWAM]. There was a case when the Fadell went to Steve to complain about johnny, but jobs took the side of the Quince, because I really respected him”.

However, according to Padilla, the reason for his departure from Apple is totally different.

“One day, when my wife got home from work, found that our son somehow crying, ā€” shared memories of Tony. ā€“ It was unclear what got him so upset, and my wife , of course, began to comfort him, but he pushed her away and ran to the nurse. After the incident, we asked ourselves the same questions: “What’s happening? Who the real parent? And we decided that something needed to change, because we will not refund for lost time.”

So, after leaving Apple in 2008, Fadell started his own company Nest, which manufactures thermostats, smoke detectors and security cameras. Interestingly, about a year ago, the acquisition of the company interested in Google, and after reaching a consensus on the value of the startup walked away with the search giant.

“I don’t think everything in your house should be connected to the Internet, says Fadell. ā€“ If connection is technically possible, doesn’t mean it should”.

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