The Japanese have found a simple way to cool your MacBook in the heat

Here came the heat, someone already resting on a radiant resorts, and someone at home has faced the problem of overheating laptop. Generally, portable computers are heated regardless of the time of year, just the summer heat acts as a catalyst in this process. Japanese musician Akinori Suzuki has found an original way to cool your MacBook Pro. For this he used several dozen copper coins, which are laid out on the aluminum surface of the housing above the keyboard.

About your idea the Japanese were told in his microblog Twitter. To create a makeshift radiator Suzuki used a 10-yen coins that have collected around the house.

Members thanked Suzuki for the original idea. In response to a tweet of another resident of Japan, Keigo, Nitadori published a photo showing an outdoor unit system of the computer where the coins cooled components.

A similar trick can be made with British coins one penny and American adenozinovymi, says Rg. Compared to aluminum and plastic (these materials made the body of most laptops), copper has greater conductivity and better able to ward off the heat.

As other measures for the cooling of the notebook are encouraged to regularly vacuum the ducts that are clogged with dust, and also to purchase a special cooling pad.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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