The leader of Rammstein boasted a gold iPhone 6s with the face of Putin and urged to cancel sanctions against Russia

German band Rammstein performing at the Moscow Maxidrom festival, as a souvenir was taken with an iPhone with a portrait of Vladimir Putin and Moscow’s city centre. According to the leader of the team till Lindemann, he respects the Russian President and to protest against sanctions against Russia.

Becoming the owner of the iPhone 6s, the combination of yellow gold and blackened titanium, with a bas-relief portrait of Putin, the frontman stressed his extremely respectful attitude to the Russian President.

“In Germany, even Angela Merkel can boast of such popularity as Putin,” said Lindemann. – I like him, he’s a tough leader, not a puppet, unlike many. And all these political attacks on your country, I think it’s unfair. Russia defends its interests, and sanctions need to be those who conducts dishonest game and international conflicts. In General, I am sure that music will save the world”.

The band Rammstein has filed a lawsuit in the German government 66 000 euros for the fact that they banned the sale of the album Liebe ist für alle da.

“As you can see, and us in his native Germany subjected to sanctions. Now we have support in the form of a presidential phone! I think it will help us. Justice must prevail”, – expressed his hopes Lindemann.

The owners of the gold iPhone first became musicians Fred durst, Oleg Gazmanov, athletes Alexander Ovechkin, Roman Shirokov, Roy Jones and many others. Each of them used the Apple smartphone as a kind of Manifesto – Fred durst with his help sought Russian citizenship, Shirokov responded to sanctions, and Gazmanov called “enemy” iPhone to the service of Russia.

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