The main invention of Steve jobs, which you did not guess

The role of Steve jobs in the IT industry is difficult to overestimate. The founder of Apple over four decades has put his hand to many products ranging from Macintosh and a number of blockbuster movies by Pixar to the iPod line, iPhone and iPad. But the main product of the legendary entrepreneur, of course, is the iPhone.

When in January 2007 Steve jobs took the stage with the first iPhone in hand, the community twisted finger to his temple. Really: who could at that time imagine that you can strip touch control is such a familiar thing as e-pen? In those years, the interaction with the touchscreen phones are actually simulated the operation of a mouse for desktop computers. No innovation in this field is not implemented.

iPhone has made a revolution: don’t need no QWERTY keyboard, stylus, or trackballs — only the fingers. In one small device embodied three long-standing dream of users — a widescreen iPod for video viewing, mobile phone and pocket PC. After many years of domination of the concept, repeating in computer operating systems with their menu and tiny X buttons to close Windows, iPhone surprised, inviting user interface with colorful icons and a simple control system.

However, not all consider the innovative invention of Steve jobs, from this point of view. Explorer Life Viktor Loginov expressed the opinion that the founder of Apple in the face of the iPhone has created a high-tech device that changed the mobile phone industry, and the object of worship, a status thing that has divided people into rich and poor, allowing the played to the vanity of modern man.

“The main thing invented jobs and that it was not possible to anybody, — he was able to make ordinary phone and iPhone are not inherently different from other phones nothing privileged status toy, to possess which obliged every self-respecting person,” he writes.

“Now it’s simple. You’re not red and not white, not a statesman, and not opposition, not gay and not white cisgender male. You’re either someone who has an iPhone, or one who has not. Either the man or the goof, rogue and Selyuk.

And the story was completely transcultural. To identify with the goof want neither in Africa, nor in America, nor in Europe nor in Asia. Mankind has shown a remarkable solidarity for themselves and willing to pay for nelkovska gadgets billions of dollars,” – says Loginov.

The cost of the iPhone, from his point of view, is 15 000 rubles, but people are willing to pay many times more, just to declare their status.

“Nobody cares about the real cost of the iPhone (a little more than 15 thousand for the iPhone 7), no one cares that the Chinese and other Asians out of the Windows, head down, going crazy on the Apple factories in Asia. No one skipped a beat in his chest from the fact that the money could be spent to better advantage for all and for all the “happy” owner of the new iPhone. Well, here she is, the good, look at me, I did not goof!

You know what, my dear friend. If you limit yourself in everything, to someone to prove you’re not a sucker, you are the first sucker. If you go to the Bank for a loan for your iPhone, you first of suckers. If you feel their inferiority and defectiveness due to the fact that I can’t afford a new iPhone, you’re the king of suckers.”

According to the journalist, the main thing that was invented by Steve jobs – it’s not an iPhone, iPod or iPad. The founder of Apple invented the “instrument monetization of human weaknesses and complexes.”

“This is not to say, but it’s true. And the fact that Apple now most valuable company in the world, is simply the monetary equivalent of human stupidity, greed, vanity and pride”, he concluded.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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