The main problem of the Home button from iPhone 7

According to Cupertino, the rejection of the mechanical Home button is a step forward and provides not only water resistant iPhone 7, but the ease of smartphone use. However, when winter comes, many owners of new items will have to face the inconveniences associated with the upgrade button.

The fact that the new Home button uses a capacitive sensor like the one implemented in touch screens. This means that rather than physically pressing the interaction button is in contact with a conductive object such as a human finger. However, if the user wears the glove, the button does not respond to touch.

The new iOS 10 was removed the UI element Slide to unlock, and unlock your screen from now on by double clicking on the Home button. This means that owners of previous versions of the iPhone will now be able to access the contents of the phone without removing gloves (of course, if the phone is not protected by a password or fingerprint). Unfortunately, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus of such a possibility will be denied.

Therefore, if you are going to purchase the new iPhone, I advise to think over the purchase of gloves, able to work with touch displays. Otherwise, to use a smartphone on the street you need to take off the gloves.

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