The main problem of the “killer” iPad Pro from Huawei

In July, Huawei has released Matebook — its first hybrid at Windows 10. Unit cost 107 000 seems to be just a great alternative to the iPad Pro. However, as found in the Rbc, this is a perfect example of how one flaw can ruin even the most promising idea.

To understand why Matebook at Huawei didn’t make it, you just need to remember what is the concept of device class to which it belongs.

Huawei Matebook is a hybrid, proplanet, polunochnik. Conventionally, the category of such gadgets can be divided into two camps. The first Microsoft Surface (and its clones), most laptops that can transform into a tablet for Windows. The second is the iPad Pro (and its clones), the tablet from which the plug-in keyboard in one motion you can make a sort of laptop. Matebook same is Microsoft Surface, which for some reason really wants to be an iPad Pro and a little like the MacBook. And it’s not too good at it.

Matebook is a 12 — inch tablet on Windows 10 with plug-in case-keyboard. In theory, it’s almost a perfect device for work on the go and consumption of digital content. You need to check the news, social networks — took it up, went online, read leaf. Want to see the video — please, no problem: the display is wonderful, bright, juicy. The sensor is very responsive, and scroll through web pages is a pleasure, no slowdown like on many Android tablets.

Well, if you need to write a letter, note, — just unfold the keyboard and type like on a traditional laptop.

In theory a great idea. That’s just Matebook — not the ideal tablet best laptop.

Whatever device Matebook didn’t want to be, there is a big problem that simply does not allow him to open up: time of Autonomous work. Matebook monstrous, extremely quickly sits down. 3.5 hours watching videos on YouTube completely drain the battery of a hybrid. At the level of the backlight is 70%. To recommend Matebook to buy not only for this reason. Of course, if your life does not pass from the outlet — then why would you even want a hybrid?

In addition, laptop Matebook have too many restrictions. With keyboard all in all very good: large keys, nice speed, backlight (backlight!) and even the touchpad. But to adjust the position in laptop mode almost impossible, so the knees are not particularly popechatat.

Have Matebook as the 12-inch MacBook, only one port, and the USB-C. And in this case it’s unforgivable. Like Apple, Huawei sells for Matebook adapter: a small “box” will allow you to connect your device to the flash drive, connect it to a monitor and so on. Given that battery life here is not even enough to watch the Director’s cut of “Apocalypse now”, it would be possible to work with a laptop at least for charging. But in this case you won’t be able to use the adapter that sometimes severely restricts the functionality of the device.

The MacBook is also mad, but he “lives” twice, he’s also thin and light, and typing on it is much easier due to the fact that the screen position can be adjusted. So what’s up with this restriction, get used to it.

Here everything is a damn shame, because Matebook really has potential. For example, he is good from the point of view of design. In Huawei learned the importance of this aspect when choosing a buyer of the device so that the hybrid the company clad in metallic body and covered with a continuous glass front. It really looks and feels great in hand — not to find fault. Hybrid thin and light even with the keyboard it is very convenient to carry, it even fits in a small briefcase, and its weight is not felt in the hand.

Matebook powerful enough, you don’t think about what processor is installed inside. Of course, this is not a gaming PC, but using it as a “workhorse”, I was not able to make it stumble and slow down. And it’s not even in the max version, which has top-end mobile processor Core M7.

And then there’s the fingerprint scanner. As in the flagship smartphone Huawei — P9 — and very comfortable.

In addition, Matebook you can buy a digital pen for drawing and writing on touch screen. It does the job, but too thick in the hand feels rather shallow, not pen, as in the case of the iPad Pro.

In fact, a global problem Matebook one — but it is so serious that buries the whole concept of the device. Ultrabooks and tablets are valuable because they allow you to stay connected anywhere you have Internet. And Matebook actually doing the same thing, only if you have plug with 220 volts and the charger in the bag.

In an era when manufacturers are struggling to deliver us from the power outlets, Matebook for all his outward luster, engineering sophistication and the price of the iPad Pro remains an outsider. At least this year — because next Huawei problem discharging at a speed Maglev battery will probably fix it.

They’re supposed to.

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