The main reason why you ought to buy AirPods

AirPods wireless headphones were introduced in early September along with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Since the Network does not stop the debate about a new Apple product. AirPods is both a product with cutting edge technology and an inexhaustible source of jokes and memes. Some say it’s a waste of money, they say earbuds are easy to lose, others say that it is a product of the future. However, the majority of users are eagerly waiting for the AirPods.

Bluetooth headphones have not new: on the market there are many different wireless models from different manufacturers. Listen to music without wires much easier, the main problem is how now does the process of pairing the headset with a smartphone. Sometimes they just don’t connect for some strange reason, sometimes they have to disconnect from one device and reconnect to another. All this takes a lot of time that could be occupied listening to music on your iPhone or Mac.

Still there is no one product that is able to connect to different devices simultaneously. Apple has solved this problem. Taking AirPods, you will not even notice how they instantly create a pair with iPhone. You open the case, put it close to your smartphone, and it immediately shows you a card that headphones are connected and shows the battery level.

After that the Bluetooth profile is transparently synchronized with all the gadgets via iCloud. No disconnections or re-connections. You can easily listen to music on the iPhone, and then came to work, “one-click” AirPods to connect to your Mac. During the workout is just as easy to configure to pair with Apple Watch.

AirPods – this device is not for everyone, but it applies to any Bluetooth headset. Headphones in-ear EarPods is slightly better, so the argument “You’ll lose it” sounds extremely stupid. Why nobody says anything like this about Dash? Or Earin? Jabra Sport Or Elite?

At the edges of each of the AirPods have a couple of sensors that understand when it is inserted into the ear or out of it. This allows to automatically stop the song, you only get one earphone from your ear. In addition, when listening you can only use one earphone.

The sound quality is an important factor when choosing any pair of headphones. Sound wireless AirPods on the EarPods level: this elastic sound with a small volume reserve. Most users are not audiophiles, and they are quite satisfied with the sound quality of branded headphones Apple.

None of the manufacturers still can not offer the same experience with headphones. Why should only the pairing process with your iPhone or use iCloud to sync Bluetooth profile. So, if you care about such things as quick and convenient connection, AirPods or model Beats chip W1 will be an excellent option for you.

It is expected that the AirPods will go on sale next week.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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