The man who changed the ratio of jobs to Windows

For anybody not a secret that the jobs sometimes avarice knew no bounds. An irrefutable belief in the exclusivity of the developed products into his eyes, not allowing even to think about licensing its own developments for the production side. Right up until one man changed the opinion of Steve dramatically.

Them was Walt Mossberg, widely known in the West, the Explorer edition of Re/code, a columnist of the newspaper The WSJ. It is his opinion, according to confidants, many times listened rebellious Steve. So it was with the creation of a separate version of iTunes for PC.

“Remember how he [jobs] was adamant in this matter, being absolutely sure that the iPod will increase Mac sales, — says the Creator of the cult player Tony Fadell. – I told him: Steve, iPod worth $ 399. It should not be, we need to give people a chance to at least try!”.

In the end, with the agreement of Padilla that Walt will be experiencing a new version of iTunes, Steve has agreed to “transfer”. Surprisingly, a very selective and picky Mossberg said, “Good. I would use”.

Much later, at a conference with the participation of Steve jobs, Mossberg asked him what it was like to transfer to iTunes on Windows? To which the first replies: “It’s like bringing someone in hell a glass of ice water”.

The owners of Windows computers, a question for you: do you use iTunes on your PC? If Yes, how similar are your feelings with the allegory Steve?

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