The management of “Aeroflot” prohibited employees from using the gadgets during work

For smartphones and tablets that can take pictures, record video or audio messages. The order has already been photographed and posted, “Aeroflot” this information was also confirmed.

Such strict measures, the airline went for “maintain confidentiality in the workplace.” Photo order posted on the web, former team member of “Aeroflot” Igor Delduca.

“Order prepared in the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation and its purpose ā€” the information security company with state participation. The last case of stuffing in the information field of this order, a copy of which obviously made with a mobile device, clearly shows the correctness of the decision,” confirmed the company’s representatives.

To monitor compliance with the order will be top-managers “Aeroflot”; the offender will be able to impose disciplinary measures. Such a ban is not the first in the Russian practice, in 2005, the phones are not allowed to use employees of the Moscow branch of the company “LUKOIL”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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