The most common misconceptions about the Apple Watch 2

The first generation Apple Watch turned out to be a device even more controversial than presented last fall iPad Pro. But if the purpose of the professional tablet was more evident, the need of wearable electronics for most users, still remains open. The reason for such a sharp rejection of a great many, but all of them will eliminate the Apple Watch 2. Such, at least that’s the rumor.

The first myth

Since the concept of hours – even with the prefix “smart” — does not imply an annual replacement, millions of Apple Watch owners hope special privileges after the release of the Apple Watch 2. For example, free (or with minimal fee) replacement of the old model to the new one. This step at least would justify the existence of “smart” hours, giving them considerable popularity, while sparing the wallets of fans.

The second myth

The second generation Apple Watch will almost certainly will cost more than the first. Wanting to expand its presence in the market of premium watches through the use of luxury materials in the manufacture of the casing, Apple will introduce its gadgets in platinum, tungsten, titanium and palladium.

The third myth

Own app a long time ago was asking as a new features watchOS, allowing the clock to be a little more independent device. Perhaps Apple will go further and undertake significant work to further the “decoupling” of the Apple Watch from the iPhone. On the financial provalnosti this decision for some reason nobody remembers.

The fourth myth

Protection against water when diving to great depths – a feature, though not widely popular, but definitely very enjoyable. Many people want to realize that when worn on the wrist watch is functional and (relatively, of course), and are safe from the destructive forces of the elements.

The fifth myth

The presence of the FaceTime camera in the Apple Watch 2 will undoubtedly increase their size, thus affecting the autonomy. But spread with incredible rapidity the rumor about the possible appearance of the PV panel, the analogy with the first generation iPad, firmly ingrained in the minds of potential consumers. However, you never know.

The sixth myth

Apple Watch 2 will introduce in 2016 — and that’s a fact. Another thing is that no one knows the exact date. Repeatedly appeared information that Apple announces the new generation of watches in today’s presentation or wait for the autumn, and, perhaps, at all will postpone it for another year. In the end, the success of the first incarnation allow them to survive for some time.

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