The most inspirational quotes of Tim KUKA review

Tim cook, the current CEO of Apple Inc. and a brilliant financier, was recently named one of the most influential people in the world. Business Insider found out what life is guided by the tenets of the successor to Steve jobs.

“The thing is to find something of value and to improve it,” from cook’s treatment to the graduates of George Washington University in may of this year.

According to Tim, everyone must leave behind something useful to humanity:

“Believe me, the existence on the sidelines of life is not what you need. The world needs each of you.”

Here’s what cook wrote for Bloomberg, where he confessed to sexual orientation:

“It was very hard and uncomfortable, but [the recognition] gave me the confidence to be yourself. Because of this, I was able to follow the planned path, not fearing anything. This is very important, especially when you are at the helm of a company like Apple — confessed Tim. – The rumours that Apple CEO is gay can support the same single or even inspire them on any accomplishments. The question of equality has always held a special part of my life. Progress in the social sphere can only be due to the understanding that a person’s worth is determined not by race, gender or orientation”.

Excerpt from cook’s speech at the University of Washington in may 2015:

“Fate rarely permanently favors one person. But don’t stop to ponder what happens when it’s your turn. It can be just you. It has to be you. You just have to be them.”

“Some people see innovation in the changes, but we’ve seen them in another, just making things better” — in an interview with Bloomberg about the change of design in iOS 7-th version.

Here’s what Tim said about the legacy of Steve jobs and the publication Fast Company:

“In the world of technology determinant of success is the principle of the majority, whether it’s clicks on links or the products sold. Everything in this world depends on huge numbers. But, you know, Steve was never interested. He was focused on creating an exceptional product”.

Perhaps Tim in the management of the company would not hurt fanatical interest jobs, what do you think?

“‘t trust him to be a teacher, but he was the best teacher I have ever known. Steve was extremely unconventional in his methods, but better than he was nobody. He absolute,” in the same interview for Fast Company.

A great cook pays the value of security of private information:

“We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. We will do everything we can to justify the trust of users,” in an interview with NPR.

As it turned out, intuition played a significant role in the process of becoming Tim cook:

“In life there are such moments when to rely on their own intuition would be the best option. Interestingly, I found that my intuition is often indispensable in solving many issues,” in final speech to graduates of Auburn University in 2010.

“We are not the first who created MP3 player or smartphone. We weren’t even the first in the invention of the tablet. But, perhaps, we were the first to modernize the smartphone, and the first truly smart watch. It is much more important”, — about the Apple Watch for the publication Fast Company.

And what, in your opinion, remarkable Tim cook? I got the Apple with the arrival of a new CEO? Share your opinion in the comments.

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