The new 15-inch MacBook Pro’s got the fastest in the industry SSD

Benchmarks for the new 15-inch MacBook Pro, demonstrate record performance of the disk subsystem of new laptops on macOS. As ComputerWorld writes, the SSD performance new portable Apple computers ahead of the nearest competitors by two years.

“According to tests conducted by Computerworld using software Blackmagic, 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display 2015 model year boasts the speed of read and write at 1.4 GB/s and 1.3 Gbit/s respectively. A new modification of the Apple laptops have shown even more impressive results.

Specifications 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016, talking about the speed of sequential read/write at 3.1 GB/s and 2.1 GB/s respectively. In practice, drive new 15-inch MacBook Pro shows a write speed of 2.2 GB/s and read speed on the 13-inch model. This is the best result for the market of portable computers.”

Experts explain the performance of the SSD in the new MacBook Pro using the technology of Non-Volatile Memory Express, or NVM Express, or as it is often called, NVMe. This is a promising interface Protocol designed specifically for high speed SSD.

According to Apple’s statement, the performance of the new MacBook Pro offers a powerful processor, advanced graphics, fast memory and an ultrafast SSD. All models of embedded SSDS with sequential read speeds over 3 Gbps, the company said.

For the first time Apple started using SSDS, PCIe/NVMe 12-inch MacBook in 2015. Writes Jeff Yanukovych from IDC, other manufacturers can implement this technology before the end of 2017. This means that Apple is ahead of the industry for two years.

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