The new concept demonstrates how it may look like the iPhone 8 with two screens and a dynamic Home button

Artist Tadeo Brando has used currently available information and rumors about the new model of the iPhone to create spectacular concept art.

For rendering and video demonstrates the iPhone 8 running iOS 11. The designer took into consideration the latest rumors and leaks regarding the new products. Based on them, it has equipped the upcoming flagship Apple large display without the bottom and side frames.

The refusal of the lower frame when it does not entail the disappearance of the Home button. From conceptual “eight” it’s built directly into the smartphone display, under it is placed a fingerprint scanner, so the functionality of such a decision does not affect.

According to recent reports, Apple will refuse from aluminum alloy, making the choice in favor of stainless steel, which both sides will be covered with reinforced glass panels.

On the rear panel, the artist has decided to construct the second display, also with a frameless design. This solution is rather controversial and hardly feasible. Although the concepts and concepts that do not always have the opportunity to put into reality all the ideas.

In General it is shown in this note, the apparatus can be more similar to what in the end will show the Apple than the many fantasies that we saw earlier.

It is understood that this is not an official material, and reflections on the theme, however, analyzing the available data on the design and location of the items the iPhone 8, we can agree that this version has the right to life.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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