The new concept iPhone 7 and iOS 10 with a dark interface mode and function Split View

It is believed that freedom of choice and alternatives is a good thing. But Apple has a different opinion. On the one hand it is right, because the company provides us with the best option that will suit the majority of users. On the other ā€” it’s frustrating. iOS there are already as many as eight years and still it is not something that support themes, but even the dark interface mode.

Independent designer iHelpBR imagined how could look like the dark mode interface in the new operating system iOS 10. His concept demonstrates several standard applications with alternative design: Settings, Phone, Mail, Messages and others.

“The problem iPhone and iPad is that with mobile devices we spend a lot of time, including evening hours. Even at minimum brightness bright screen is significantly “cut” the eye and causes the user to squint whenever it opens settings and a standard Apple application” ā€“ said the designer.

Earlier we wrote that Apple may add a dark theme in iOS 10. That the company will make concessions to users, it became clear last week. On Friday Apple released a major update to the official WWDC app and among other innovations implemented was an alternative mode of the interface.

Created by designers Apple app explicitly says that iOS 10 will be the long-awaited dark theme. To activate it, probably, it will be possible in the settings of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch like a function Night Shift. Dark theme is expected to be applied not only to the design of iOS, but also to interface third-party apps downloaded from the App Store.

The second idea concerns the iHelpBR Split View in iOS 10. The designer has proposed to move the function from the iPad in iOS 9 on the iPhone. In Split View, smartphone users will be able to simultaneously use two apps. To work on a picture, open next picture, or write a document, copying quotes from the book in iBooks. When all before my eyes, it’s easier to focus, says the designer.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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