The new feature iMessage, which you hardly knew

Despite the relatively low prevalence and some problems with autonomy, which are cited by some users, iOS 10 is the name of the version of the OS we’ve been waiting for since 2012. Fast, beautiful, easy – to wish something more could not even previous generations, that years later literally woke up from their lethargy. And this despite the fact that the updated “OSes” has not diminished one iota, but, on the contrary, has increased, adding even more comfort in our daily lives. Even so unloved by many iMessage cheered with renewed vigor.

And speech now will go not about the beauty and attractiveness of the stickers and various special effects. Much more interest of the users should call the new compression algorithm for attachments sent by the firm of messenger. In order to reduce traffic, at least in the moments of correspondence, you will need to go to the app “Settings” — “Messages”, which, in turn, move the slider next to low-quality Mode”. When this mode is active, all attachments, including photos, video and audio will be optimized.

Thus, as one would expect from Apple, not one sent to “cut” as the file will not allow you to think about “economy” greedy traffic sender. All photos and videos that will be sent to your interlocutor, will remain virtually unchanged at a much lower load on your budget. If you want to, not only send smaller files, you should inform of your desire as much as possible relatives and friends who use iMessage. Especially now that the service has become even more attractive.

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