The new iMac found an important osobennosti comment

Just yesterday, Apple updated the 27-inch and 21.5-inch iMac, but experts have managed to sort the new computers and found one very interesting feature that may influence your choice when buying a candy bar.

As it turned out, the 27-inch version of the iMac (now any — with 5K-display) supports up to 64 GB of RAM. The past generation of computer could boast of only 32 GB of RAM. Despite the fact that Apple in its store offers to buy the 27-inch model with a maximum of 32 GB of memory, the company OWC will start selling the modules in 16 GB to create modifications with 48 GB and 64 GB of RAM.

On the official website of the company informs that the maximum range for a 64 GB will cost $ 1195 and one “die” 16GB — 329 dollars. If for you so important the speed of your operating system, it will be quite reasonable costs.

But in the 21.5-inch model this trick to crank will not work: it cannot be change or add RAM, so OWC advises to buy the version with 16 GB of memory. Actually, this is the maximum size offered by Apple.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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