The new version of the Vivaldi browser with customizable mouse gestures and new combinations of hot keys

The company Vivaldi Technologies has released an update of his Vivaldi browser for Mac, Windows and Linux. The app became available for new combinations of hot keys, improved tabs and extended setting options.

One of the innovations Vivaldi 1.2 is the support of mouse gestures. Now the user can create custom gestures with a manipulator to control the browser. It is necessary to set the trajectory of the mouse cursor, to be used as a gesture.

In the update users will be able to set individual zoom for each tab to view the page without straining your eyes. The developers have also increased the limits of scaling from minimum 20% to maximum 500%.

In addition, Vivaldi 1.2 optimized “Tab. New tincture allows you to designate any web page as the homepage when opening a new tab. You can also close multiple selected tabs at once using keyboard shortcuts. If you select multiple tabs, the contents of the context menu will change accordingly to provide the opportunity to work with selected groups of tabs, described in the company.

In addition, Vivaldi 1.2 added a number of new (customizable) keyboard shortcuts, including to the address bar. So, the combination Alt + Enter will open the edited url of the page in a new tab, and Alt+Shift+Enter will do the same in the background.

Among other improvements: a number of design improvements, including updated look of buttons creating bookmarks and icons of new documents by default; increased number of supported languages — now there are 52, including the Catalan language.

Key features of Vivaldi browser:

  • Quick team – the ability to use keyboard combinations for maximum speed.
  • Notes – the ability to take notes.
  • Speed dial – similar to the previously described Opera browser.
  • Group tabs – a convenient grouping of tabs at large number of them.
  • The bookmark is the ability to place bookmarks at the top or bottom of the window.
  • Control the display of images – ability to disable the display of images, which is useful only at very slow Internet.
  • The multi window browsing.
  • The choice of any search engine.

Download a new version of Vivaldi 1.2 is available on the website of the developer.

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Clifton Nichols

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