The novel “the fisherfolk and the planters” — the birth of a supernova in the literary firmament

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Do you love cocktails? And detectives? Adventure and detectives, and even with the Thriller elements? “Fisherfolk and vine” Michael Harith — this is the cocktail that will change your view on the world of modern adventure literature. Without spoilers, but with brief excursions into the book “the fisherfolk and vine” let’s get started!

Take a little Pelevin, mix it up with Dan brown in equal proportions, after which a little dilute a classic English detective story. If you do it carelessly, you can get a pretty strange mix, which will be pushed forward certain elements of the national characteristics of adventure books.

But this is not a typical Russian detective, certainly not in its modern sense. When one product is mixed secret world, including crime, various symbols and signs, move around the planet in search of answers to the questions asked by only one.

To write such work, you must be a man versed or at least have an understanding in all areas, one way or another in contact with religious mysticism and history.

If we assume that this book is mystical and philosophical, then people with theological education can occur even rejection, but it’s worth a little shift to the side. The fiction that is presented to us in “the Fisherfolk and the tenants” shows not so much the real world as it is, what processes occur in it and how people through their actions can influence what is happening.

In this case before us the unfolding events is not a historical novel: the reality of our days will be familiar to everyone, and to put yourself in the shoes of the characters, familiar from something unknown, unfamiliar, since the childhood is not difficult anyone of the readers.

Unfortunately, all the twists and turns of the plot of the novel, written by the author in different parts of the light are here to lead will come, but will not work to say: “the Butler did it!”, the plot is much more complicated the model the series or the classics of American literary works.

To theorize and to argue on theological topics here is useless because, first, and so it is written thousands of works, and secondly, find places for new theories, and its own author’s perception of the world still abound.

The author — Michael Harith — not only well-educated and, as follows from his biography, fascinated. He is doctor of Sciences, Professor, laureate of many prizes and author of a significant number of inventions in the field of construction and architecture. And if the path — exact Sciences, technical, independently he moved on to more interesting (including for me) subjects like history, theology, religious studies and so forth “inexact” Sciences.

And if in the novel “the fisherfolk and the tenants,” you will find descriptions of remote corners of the Earth like Antarctica, Egypt, or Loch ness, it is not just copied from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia lines interspersed with shots of National Geographic, passed through the imagination. The author managed to visit here and there (and many other places what you learn from books). In principle, such a desire to explore new and beautiful places on the planet can be considered an attempt to study the natural architecture through which Harith already moved on to the deeper elements of the universe.

Fortunately, a quick squeeze that annotates the book does not reveal anything at all of the twists and turns of the plot, so I’ll be able to bring her almost completely (as promised — no spoilers):

“Four characters, specializing in the performance of complex tasks in an international syndicate, receive a strange order. In the opinion of Customers on the planet started the Apocalypse, the one described in the prophecy of John. Only no one noticed because humanity is too used to wars, migrations, famines and pestilence. If there is a problem, there is its source, even God himself. The task of the heroes to solve the issue, even if I have to get the assailant out of the ground or from the other world”.

Do not be afraid of such a description is not a “new Bible”, is not a theological work and certainly not work in philosophy. Everything I wanted to convey Michael Harith, is his vision of those things that are for most of us the edge, on the very edge of perception. So the conventions of the sacred texts of modern man to no load will not.

“Reality is like a night trail through the jungle. We cover her pathetic their feeble lanterns of the senses and to think that apparently random and there are around the world. It seems to us that disease and death are sudden and illogical, but that’s because we don’t see a tiger silently stalking in the dark, two steps, or poisonous spider, just about ready to fall over the collar”

— such an interesting word play in the modern literature is virtually nonexistent: if the author wants to draw attention to one or another of his thoughts, are usually a couple of standard phrases shorter, as if a book holds is not a person with the ability to think, and living in the reflexes goldfish memory three seconds. In this book Michael Kharita have to think, if you want to understand what’s left between the lines, “behind the scenes”.

Bored similar to “the Fisherfolk and the tenants” no longer in Vogue, the language of the author, up to this point, tightly written on architecture and created in addition to the rest of the papers and Author Encyclopedia of Architecture, came out alive and fresh, and while all 700 pages of the paper copy has not been visited by me, to part with this volume is not wanted.

But to carry a heavy piece of paper don’t have: publishers are imbued with the modern situation in the market and the App Store opens the app, which allows you to enjoy the “Fisherfolk and growers” Michael Harith. And then the translations into other languages will follow, and (well why not) film adaptation.

And if you have in fact long been a couple of brown’s books, and for foreign thrillers and detectives, you spend all your free time, original work of 700 pages will give you the opportunity to spend a week or two for a leisurely read.

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