The online shop Gearbest has launched a Russian version of the site

The online shop Gearbest is very popular in our country. And it does not go unnoticed by the management of the company, which launched a Russian version of the service. Exactly Russian language became the first official translation of the website.

Users became available a convenient directory of goods by categories, translated the interface of the website, personal Cabinet, cart, questions, shop, and ways of earnings with Gearbest.

Of useful options on the website introduced accurate information about the time of sending of a product from stock, also now all tickets created via the Russian version of the online store will be processed on the Russian language, which significantly facilitates the process of purchases for Russian users Gearbest and will make the store interface more intuitive.

In honor of the launch of the Russian version of the store Gearbest has launched a lottery in which just $ 1, users will be able to become owners of any of 12 popular gadgets. And in addition to the promotion page, you can find traditionally low for Gearbest prices on various popular products.

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Clifton Nichols

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