The owners of iOS-devices spend on the donut is 2.5 times more than Android users

It is no secret that the mobile app developers earn on iOS more than on Android. Another report from research company AppsFlyer confirmed this fact.

Analysts collected data on profits from in-app purchases on two popular operating systems. It turned out that the owners of iPhone and iPad on the donut spend 2.5 times more Android users. It is noteworthy that the owners of iOS-devices not only spend more money in games and apps, but the user 50% more.

According to the study, the average amount of purchases on iOS is $12,77, whereas in Android, the figure is only $6,19. It is also interesting that 7.1% of owners of iOS make at least one purchase every month, and on Android to part with their money over the same period, finished only 4.6%.

Android users more likely to spend money on utilities: launchers, cleaners are memory, programs for multitasking. Many counterparts do not exist on iOS because of the features of Apple’s operating system. The more interesting that the developers in this category of apps for iPhone and iPad make more money than on Android devices – $7,99 compared to $3,82.

As for the willingness of users to pay for in-app purchases on a regional basis, the largest average spend was in Asia – 70 cents, followed by North America with results of 61 cents. While in North America, users spend more than any other in commercial applications, ahead of this indicator, Europeans in 2.5 times, and Asians 3 times. Least of all in the world for purchases spend the people of Latin America.

Many could be confident that most users spend on the game, but the real figures are somewhat different. The average monthly value of purchases in games on different platforms is only $0,32 and commercial applications – $2,68. In addition, the average price of the virtual product in the application is $7, and physical objects in commercial applications – as much as $36,54. However, only 3.5% of all mobile gamers spend money on in-app purchases, but doing it in 30 times more likely to casual gamers – $9,39 per month versus $0,32.

AppsFlyer data were obtained on the basis of information on more than 100 million users, about 1 000 mobile apps. In total, respondents spent on in-app purchase of $300 million.

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