The Pangu team has demonstrated Cydia on iOS 10 and confirmed the release of the jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2

Conference Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) in Shanghai Chinese group Taig has confirmed the development of iOS 10. During the event, the developers showed Cydia running in the environment of the new operating system on the iPhone 6s. As noted by the hackers, the rumors of the death of jailbreaking “greatly exaggerated”.

Jailbreak — highly controversial operation, which took more than one discussion in the courts, against which was always made by Apple. The official position of the Corporation is that the jailbreak that opens root access to all files iOS, can lead to loss of data, installing malware, and the attacker access to personal information.

The real situation is somewhat different. In addition to access information of the user, the jailbreak also gives people the ability to install unlicensed versions of games and applications, which reduces the earnings of both developers and Apple itself.

Despite all the efforts of specialists, she failed to fully protect iOS. In the conference on security MOSEC 2016 hackers demonstrated tools that allow you to access system files on all current devices running iOS 10. Thanks to this new exploit it is possible to install app store Cydia.

On the performance of Pangu in Shanghai were announced and other news: the developers are working on a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2. In response to a question from the audience, the hackers said they plan to release in the near future. The timing of the release, developers have not named.

In early June, we will remind, the hacker, under the alias of iH8sn0w said that he had been able to do galpao 10. As proof, a young man posted a video on YouTube. On the video you can see a jailbroken iPhone 5 with Cydia application.

Given that this jailbreak works on older smartphones with 32-bit processor, it is unlikely to function correctly on newer devices such as the iPhone 6 and above. However, the success and the announcement iH8sn0w Pangu confirmed iOS 10 retained the ability to jailbreak all devices.

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