The perfect iPhone jailbreak: iOS 9 edition

With the release of tools for hacking iOS 9 jailbreak got a second wind. Unofficial developers have a huge potential to create unique applications. Despite the fact that the hackers haven’t released the tools for the latest versions of iOS, users to jailbreak is huge.

MacDigger offers a selection of the jailbreak tweaks through which iPhone and iPad can be turned into the perfect digital assistant. Unofficial apps from Cydia allow you to remove the restrictions of the mobile platform and to complement the missing functionality iOS devices.

3G Unrestrictor 5

Using 3G Unrestrictor 5 and mode 3G/LTE is possible to use the various features of iOS, available only through Wi-Fi. For example, to download large apps from the App Store (now the limit is 100 MB), to watch YouTube videos in HD, keep backups in iCloud.

Apex 2

Not to say that the folders in iOS uncomfortable, but Apex 2 is, perhaps, the best way to organize your applications. The utility allows you to merge a program on the home screen and open them using gestures “swipe” up/down or double tap. When you use the gesture “swipe” on springboard appears like a cross with four cells for application icons. Clicking icons in the cells, in their place, you can add one of the installed on the device games or programs. The thus obtained groups can be freely moved around springboro, add to folder etc. is Very useful for combining similar-type applications.

Auxo 3

Auxo 3 offers a new perspective on iOS multitasking. With three functions ā€“ Multi-Center, Quick Switcher and Hot Corners is the use of the iPhone easier and more convenient. The first option allows you to call multitasking a simple gesture swipe up from the bottom of the screen. In fact, it is a modified control center, where you can choose one from latest apps, change music, adjust the brightness, volume and more. In turn, a function of Hot Corners allows you to use lower angles for two actions: return to the home screen (similar to pressing the Home button) and launch the multitasking drawer, and the Quick Switcher ā€“ quickly switch between recent apps.


AnsweringMachine one of the most original jailbreak-Cydia. This is the answering machine for iPhone allows you to record a welcome message (voice or via Siri), including individual, translate written phrases into the text remotely listen to your messages, use the function “do Not disturb” and much more. Supports calls over cellular and FaceTime.


CallBar tweak for iPhone implements a system of incoming calls in the style of notices. Thanks to this addon you won’t lose any more the fault of the friend who called you during the game. After installing CallBar at the top of the window will appear unobtrusive panel that will give you an option to answer, reject a call or mute the sound. The last command will not block the call, but only turn off the sound, while continuing to use the device. A detailed overview of CallBar we published here.

CameraTweak 4

CameraTweak 4 is one of the best jailbreak apps for the camera. It is a further development of the third version of the tweak and has to be activated on the iPhone many essential for creating quality photos and videos of fine-tuning, without having to install third-party software from the App Store. That gets the user CameraTweak 4 for one dollar? The tweak displays the camera’s menu a number of additional settings such as self timer, brightness, and ISO, continuous shooting. In the Arsenal of utilities ten additional functions.


iFile is the most advanced file Manager for iOS with jailbreak. The functionality of the application is similar to Air Sharing and iFiles from the App Store, but offers a wide range of operations for working with files and documents: send by e-mail, work by drag-n-drop, archiving, and many others. Besides, iFile plays music in the same way as the native player (including cover, management, etc.). Access files on iPhone and iPad is via local web address, and Bonjour.


One of the main innovations of the iPhone 6s was the 3D Touch technology that recognizes the pressing force on the display and allows you to take another look at way of interacting with the interface. Thanks twice RevealMenu, you can get a complete idea of 3D Touch on older iPhone and iPad absolutely free. After installation of the tweak quite a bit longer to hold your finger on the icon will open a special context menu that allows you, for example, to start the video recording or front camera for selfies, without opening the Camera app.


For 4.7 – and 5.5-inch smartphones Apple developed a special mode Reachability. It allows you to reach with your thumb to the top of the interface elements by double-tapping on the fingerprint reader Touch ID. Some Android smartphones have a similar mode, but it works differently. The developers of the jailbreak tweaks had a similar interface scaling feature, but for iOS devices. OneHandWizard tweak changes the default mode of operation of the Reachability so that a double-tap of the scanner resulted in a decrease in the size of the iPhone interface. For devices without Touch ID supports gestures Activator.

Safari Downloader+

Safari Downloader+ is a handy plugin for Safari with user-friendly interface and built-in file Manager. Installing this tweak, the user is able to download files from Internet using Internet Explorer, Apple and save them in the memory of the mobile device. The product supports the most common types of extensions, including .zip .rar .iso .dmg .ipsw, .deb .torrent .mp3, .pdf, .jpg, .avi and .doc. Supported downloading videos from YouTube and upload multiple files.

StatusHUD 2

Many iPhone and iPad users unhappy with the fact that the standard volume indicator covers iOS screen split-screen. The jailbreak tweak StatusHUD 2 solves this problem. On the idea of its Creator, instead of the standard window that occurs when you change the volume in iOS, there is a small indicator in the status bar of the iPhone. The design of the latter can be changed in the settings of the tweak. This can be a series of squares or circles, the number of which is file installed on the system volume level.

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