“The phone never ends”: Mail.Ru presented the alternative to the standard iPhone camera

Mail.Ru Group announced its app Cloud Mail.Ru for mobile devices. Now the company is positioning the program as “the killer default photo app” on iOS and Android.

The new version of the Cloud Mail.Ru focused on storage of multimedia content. The developers have completely changed the concept of mobile cloud: the application is redirected for storage and convenient display of photos and videos. Now the first thing a user will see once logged into the Cloud, is a gallery. Photos and videos are grouped by time intervals ā€“ day, week, month, year, switch between them with a single gesture. The app will show how many photos and videos taken during the selected period, and displays their total weight.

“Most people, smartphones have replaced cameras, so 80% of us users are facing the problem of lack of space on the phone. New mobile Cloud Mail.Ru and tariff is designed to solve this problem, the company said. ā€” And that the new application was used not only as vodohranilishe, but also as a photo album available with all types of devices, we will develop functionality that will make the job as convenient as possible”.

User made photos and videos are automatically saved to the Cloud. Thus, significantly reduced the risk of losing the archive in case of loss of the smartphone, and the files will be accessible from any device. In the near future the developers promise to release a version for tablets, the app will have the functionality, based on the work of artificial intelligence.

Download client Cloud Mail.Ru for iPhone and iPad at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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