The police checks the phones of citizens for the presence Telegram

The sources of the Smolensk edition Readovka said that the city police started to check the phones of residents in the presence of the messenger Telegram. In a press-service of the MIA of Russia in the Smolensk region deny this information.

One of the residents of the city told about the incident that happened to her when she was walking in a local Park. While walking she was approached by police and asked to show papers, and phone. The y asked on the smartphone app Telegram. As the girl he was not, the police issues have disappeared.

To the question of why they check the presence of the messenger, the police explained that the way they calculate the addicts and skladchikov. According to them, this category of citizens is actively using Telegram and do not always remove secret chats, and this is direct evidence of guilt. In conversation with Readovka anonymous source from law enforcement bodies told that the way the police detained several suspects.

The interior Ministry denied that police check the phones of citizens.

“The information posted on the portal Readovka is untrue,” — said the radio station “Moscow speaking” the head of the press service Department of MIA of Russia for the Smolensk region Natalia Gureeva.

This story was responded to by the blogger Ilya Varlamov. He added that police actions are legitimate and in this case it is necessary to invite witnesses and demand Protocol.

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