The popularity of the iPhone SE keeps afloat the whole line

A natural decline in sales of anything in preparation for the launch of new products ā€“ the standard situation arising in the market several times a year. First, the novelty can be much more attractive as from the point of view of characteristics and prices. And, secondly, at the moment of occurrence of more perfect models, the cost of last year is lowered by 20-30%. But iPhone SE who prefer to live like in an alternate reality, no big trends.

According to the report by the research firm Kantar, the iPhone SE, unlike the iPhone 6s, continue to grow, despite the officially confirmed the presentation on 7 September. This practice is observed in the vast majority of States, which sells 4-inch flagship. The only exception to the General rule was Japan, where the iPhone not only increased its presence, but on the contrary, decreased it. However, the land of the rising sun has never been a priority for Apple, and therefore the statistics of its market can not be considered significant.

We have previously reported that the iPhone SE entered the top three most popular smartphones, second only to the iPhone 6s and having attained sudden recognition of Galaxy S7. While there were those countries where affordable smartphone from Cupertino came in first place for mass demand. One of those was the land of Albion, where the people either because of overt conservatism and avarice prefer all other company’s gadgets the iPhone SE. Its share in the UK market was just over 9%.

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