The problem of infected apps in the App Store is still not solved

Not so long ago appeared the news that some apps from the App Store were infected and could monitor the user device, sending the data to the attackers. Fault turned out to be a corrupt version of Xcode, which was used in China. The virus called XcodeGhost, and, according to researchers in the field of security from FireEye, he is not yet defeated.

FireEye, which is well familiar with the problem and worked with Apple on the removal of the infected apps. The company found a new version, which they called S. XcodeGhost New version was designed to infect iOS 9 and go unnoticed. After examination of the networks of its customers, the company found 210 companies in your network which are infected app.

The company notes that currently the servers their clients are not under the control of the creators XcodeGhost, but they are vulnerable to attack. Many companies protect their servers, but the devices are dangerous when used in other networks. In iOS 9, Apple has included protection from such infected apps, but the FireEye blog can in detail tell you how XcodeGhost S was able to get around it.

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