The processor Apple A12 70% more transistors than A11

The iPhone XS iPhone XS Max uses the latest processor A12 Bionic, which is made for 7-nanometer process technology. Last year, the processor A11 was developed using 10-nanometer process.

The chip A11 Bionic the density of transistors per square millimeter reaches number 49 million. The processor A12 Bionic transistors smaller in size, their number is 83,9 million per square millimeter. This is the amount of transistors A12 is 70-percent difference. In the Apple of 2018 installed 6.9 billion transistors. The additional number of transistors in the latest Apple chip makes it more powerful and energy efficient compared to a processor.

Modem chip is one of the areas where Apple has so far not succeeded. From 2011 to 2015, Qualcomm was the only supplier of this component for iPhone. Starting in 2016, Apple used in its smartphones chips from Intel, in addition to modems from Qualcomm. Last year, Apple and Qualcomm have begun to sue each other for patent infringements and royalties. According to the latest Qualcomm accused of Apple theft and transfer Intel’s classified information that relates to the production of modem chips.

It is not surprising that after development, which are associated with counter-lawsuits, Intel is the exclusive supplier of modem chips for iPhone 2018. It is likely that Apple is developing its own modem chipset, which may debut in the iPhone models 2020, with support for fifth generation networks (5G).

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Clifton Nichols

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