The processor Apple A12 two times faster than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

At the presentation of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max top managers of Apple touted the A12 CPU. These statements made sense, because Apple A12 two times faster flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 845, found out the publication AnandTech.

Apple A12 is the first serial processor, made on 7-nanometer process technology. Because of this, the number of transistors increased to 6.9 billion compared to 4 billion in Apple A11.

Two high-performance Vortex core working at 2.5 GHz. For comparison, the same kernel in the processor A11 is operated at a frequency of 2.38 GHz. However, only one core of two is able to reach the peak frequency, and their overall frequency falls, because it requires more chips to work at full capacity. Four weaker cores Tempest continues to operate at a frequency of 1.6 GHz. Here, there is no change.

From the point of view of energy efficiency, Apple A12 uses 12 percent less power at maximum load. However, there was a situation when the consumption increased from 3.36 W A11 to 3.64 W per A12.

According to the results of all tests, publishing AnandTech said that the Apple A12 has no competitors, and the products of Qualcomm and Samsung are much weaker.

Chip Apple A12 energy efficient than any of the latest processors on Android-smartphone with an almost two-fold advantage in terms of performance.

As for the graphics processor, Apple claims that the A12 it is 50 percent more powerful than the A11. But according to AnandTech, the GPU in A12 is almost the same from what integrated in A11. One of the noticeable changes, which affected the performance of the compression memory. As well as the CPU, the graphics chip in the Apple A12 is the most powerful among the competitors.

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