“The program is no longer open”: how to solve one of the errors macOS

One of the mistakes, which sometimes have Mac users — “Program xxx is no longer open”. Most often it occurs when working with applications Preview, Finder, Steam and many others. In fact, this kind of message “App not responding” on Windows. Why error occurs and how to get rid of it?

This message appears if the application is running but is not responding to user requests, while it remains in the dock system. The operating system itself believes that if the programme is not responding, it means that it is not working (which is logical), despite the fact that the application is running.

In this case there are three possible solutions to the problem. The simplest way to forcibly terminate a program that is obvious. However, sometimes the app refuses to complete the work, so you have to use the second method. Open the “Monitoring system” in section “CPU”, find the process name of our application and complete it.

If this does not work, and the computer hangs “tightly”, the output of one force restart your Mac.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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