The pursuit of perfection: the best alternative to Apple Magic Keyboard for your Mac

At the end of last year, together with a new series of iMac Apple has presented a new line of computer accessories, includes new wireless Magic keyboard. Updated accessory easier, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

“Magic” Apple keyboard has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, all replacement batteries are no longer needed, and the device became more solid and comfortable to use. Magic Keyboard in a slim design that takes up 13% less space on the desktop, and improved butterfly mechanism improves the stability of the keys.

Opportunities Magic Keyboard enough for most tasks Mac users. If the offer Apple for some reason does not suit you, we offer you to consider one of the following options.

Logitech K750

Logitech made a gift for all users of Mac computers by releasing wireless keyboard Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. The device, made in the style of Apple keyboard sports a built-in solar battery which generates electrical energy to power the device.

The assurances Logitech, the solar panel provides enough energy to fuel a keyboard and never require battery replacement. “The MacOS users can use the product in total darkness for three months – just so you have enough energy, built-in K750, battery.

Satechi BT Wireless Smart Keyboard

Wireless keyboard Satechi is designed to compete with the proprietary Apple solution. In addition to the optional digital unit and a number of buttons to control multimedia functions of paired devices, it allows you to connect up to five external devices. By pressing the button you can easily switch between them.

Data exchange is done via Bluetooth. The stated range is 10 meters. Keyboard gets power from two batteries of AAA standard, a charge which, allegedly, enough for a 20-21 week of use.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

While the Apple keyboard on sale are the previous model of Apple Wireless Keyboard. Keyboard with slim aluminium case and low-profile keys is cheaper than a Magic Keyboard, but it has all the benefits of Apple products. The keys are spaced apart at an optimal distance and have a fairly deep move — the keyboard is ideal for large amounts of text. Provided keys for quick control functions on the computer such as brightness, volume, Mission Control, and Launchpad.

Anker Ultra Compact

If you are a supporter of a budget option, Anker Ultra is one such, and is doing his job very well. At a cost of $ 26 this keyboard can be black and white. Its key has a bit of a slow progress, but located at a convenient distance. A big plus Anker Ultra is that it is easily compatible with many operating systems. According to available information, the battery charge should last for six months regular use.

Microsoft Sculpt

Microsoft is known for not only software products but good peripherals, popular among users. Keyboard Microsoft Sculpt meets the needs of most users – it still can be attributed to ergonomic, but it is more versatile, wireless and compact for its size, has quiet keys with a short stroke. The main stopping point for today – the price of the device. Although if you want a keyboard or a kit can be purchased cheaper (on eBay or Amazon).

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