“The queue at the first Academy Apple reminiscent of the start of sales of the new iPhone”

Apple invests in the future, and in European. In Italy the company opened the first Academy application developers on the iOS platform. The queue for admission was the starting sales of the new iPhone: from 4 thousand students took a total of 100 people from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Lithuania. Training lasting nine months and will be free. Spending on students will share American and Italian sides. The Italian government has enthusiastically embraced the Apple initiative, reports Helen Pushkarskaya of “Kommersant”.

"The queue at the first Academy Apple reminiscent of the start of sales of the new iPhone"

“In Naples at the University Federico II with great fanfare opened Europe’s first school Apple. This school has managed to create in a very short time, just a few months. €800 million given to local authorities for projects that are to be used in research, and is ready to provide €7 million for scholarships, because it is assumed that students are not only the residents of Naples, but also in other, mostly southern regions. For them, purpose-built campus in a very depressed area of Naples. Competitions have tested the knowledge and ability to programming,” – said Pushkar.

Graduates of the Academy Apple will certainly be in great demand on the European labour market, experts say. For example, in London the starting salary of such professionals can amount to €3 thousand was reported by a partner of the British company The Mulsanne Partnership Maria Yankovskaya.

"The queue at the first Academy Apple reminiscent of the start of sales of the new iPhone"

“Very in demand. In the UK a huge number of startups, they were supported by major foundations, banks and state universities. The question is, what is their program, if they give the basics of marketing, what interface is needed to make it easier for users. Then, of course, it will be superdiplo. But junior professionals have roughly the same entry point is probably about 3-4 thousand pounds first,” said Yankovskaya.

However, to go to study in the European Academy Apple the Russians is optional. Something similar already exists in Russia. In recent years, some Russian universities have introduced specialized courses of Apple – their graduates know how to create apps for smartphones and tablets based on iOS. This was announced by the head of programmes for higher education Apple, Yuri Horwitz.

"The queue at the first Academy Apple reminiscent of the start of sales of the new iPhone"

“The program is called the Apple Developer University Program, it consists of three parts: two programs for business and individual developers paid, and for universities — free. Each high school has their own approach to this program. Some universities include it in the program as an academic discipline, this course for two semesters. Generally it will take approximately a year to four hours a week. And this practice-oriented course: they are taught not just by lectures, children should think of some applications easier, more difficult, and specific examples learn to program applications,” said Horwitz.

On the exams, which will be held in June next year, the students of the Academy in Naples Apple will bring its iOS app, which will launch in the App Store. Next year the Academy plans to increase the number of students to 400.

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