The release of macOS Sierra beta 5, watch OS 3 beta 5 and tvOS 10 beta 5

Along with iOS 10 beta 5 became available for download once the fifth beta version of the operating systems macOS Sierra, watchOS 3 and tvOS. These assemblies can load developers, participants in the testing program; the public release versions of iOS and macOS 10 Sierra will be released within weeks.

macOS Sierra 10.12 beta 5

With the release of the 13-th version of the operating system for Mac, Apple rebranded its desktop platform. Now her new name is designed in the same style, with the names of other operating systems Apple iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Early OS for Apple computers is called OS X.

Among the innovations macOS Sierra manufacturer notes Siri, which first became available on Apple computers, and integration with iCloud, through which the materials on the Desktop and in the folder “Documents” available on the iPhone and iPad. The clipboard is Universal Clipboard now also works on a variety of devices: text, images, or videos, you can copy on one Apple device and paste on another.

In addition, improved the built-in app “Photos”, in which, in particular, added Memories, allowing you to easily refresh your memory of important points. The function of tabs, familiar to Safari users in macOS Sierra is available in all built-in applications that support multiple Windows, including Maps, Mail, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and TextEdit, as well as in third-party applications.

Among other important changes to the macOS Sierra: picture-in-picture, auto log on with the Apple Watch, Apple Pay on websites, Optimized Storage technology that automatically moves infrequently used files to the cloud storage, an updated Photo app.

The fifth beta version of macOS Sierra available for developers via the Mac App Store. The final build will be released for Mac users this fall.

tvOS 10 Beta 5

With the release of tvOS 10 developers announced the expansion of voice assistant Siri, a single sign in Apple TV and night mode of the interface. Among the announced features Siri ā€” search for new apps, search YouTube, search by topic and connected to the channels of live broadcasts.

With a single log tvOS 10, users get access to all of your subscriptions to video services and pay-TV channels only once by entering your credentials. In addition, with the release of the updates will be available new Apple TV Remote with touch control, support for Siri and gaming.

As Apple notes that beta tvOS 10 is intended for installation only on Apple TV registered Apple Developer Program. Trying to put the update on the unauthorized set-top box may cause the device inoperable.

watch OS 3 beta 5

watchOS 3 ā€“ the third major update to the software platform for “smart” watches Apple Watch. With the release of Apple focused on the performance of wearable devices.

watchOS 3 makes it faster to work with applications for “smart” hours, the data will be updated in the background. By estimations of developers, the difference in download speed software watchOS watchOS 2 and 3 up to 7 times.

Among other innovations watchOS 3, the developers say the new control Point and the dock to quickly switch programs. The first is invoked by swiping from the top and allows you to quick access to basic functions (by analogy with the control in iOS).

Fifth watchOS 3 beta can be downloaded through the app Watch on iPhone. To install the OS on the platform of the previous generation, you must download the certificate on the website

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