The results of MNP: subscribers in Russia, fleeing from the “MegaFon” to Beeline, and Tele2

According to the Ministry of communications, the service of number portability from one operator to another (MNP) in Russia used by more than 5 million people. However, the Agency publishes only the overall figures, without indicating from which operator callers are leaving and who ultimately benefited from MNP. According to rumors that mobile operators, who have access to this data is, agreed not to publish figures. But once all the secret becomes clear.

Publishing Content Review cited statistics of transitions between operators for all time, since the launch of MNP. The following figures present the column “Other”. It brings together Rostelecom, Scartel, “Skylink”, “Motif” and others, in some cases, no longer existing operators.

How much subscribers from the operators since the start of MNP:

  • “Megaphone” left 1,466 million subscribers
  • from MTS went 1,344 million subscribers
  • from the “Beeline” went 947 000 subscribers
  • Tele2 has gone from 458 000 subscribers
  • from the rest of the operators left 860 000 subscribers

The loss of subscribers who clicked on MNP, it is not just the outflow is in the care of real clients. Go to other operators is not a good life, and most often because of too high communication costs. That is why the figures of outflow via MNP ā€” an important indicator of the operator activity.

How many subscribers to the operators since the start of MNP:

  • in the “Beeline” came to 1.27 million subscribers
  • MTS came 1,199 million subscribers
  • in “the Megaphone” it is 1,187 million subscribers
  • Tele2 came 880 000 subscribers
  • other operators came in 539 000 subscribers

The greatest losses in Moscow suffered “a Megaphone” and MTS, and the winners are Beeline and Tele2. However, the same pattern is observed across the country.

Who benefited from the introduction of MNP in Russia:

  • Tele2 received 422 000 subscribers
  • “Beeline” has received 323 000 subscribers
  • MTS has lost 145 000 subscribers
  • MegaFon has lost 279 000 subscribers
  • other operators lost 321 000 subscribers
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